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What Is Cloud Computing

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the idea of using cloud computing as a benefit to yourself, or your business, consider that just about everything you do online is already part of large, giant, cloud called the Internet. Every time you get online to check your mail or listen to a song […]

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‘Li-Fi’ The Future

When you hear the phrase WiFi everyone who uses a computer, phone, or any modern electronic device knows pretty much exactly what you mean. Simply put, wireless connectivity to transfer information through the air. A new breakthrough may change how we transfer information.

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Google Glass 2.0

Announced on October 28th 2013 a new version of Google Glass is coming. Current users of Google Glass will be allowed to swap out their existing units for a newer version. People in the Google Glass program have been labeled “Glass Explorers” will also have the option to grant three friends invites to the Glass program.

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OSX Mavericks: New Security Features

With the new version of Mac OS X, Mavericks, Apple again makes strides in pushing for feature parity with their desktop and mobile operating systems. One of the big ways that OS X has done this is by integrating the philosophies of the App Store into itself, allowing you easy access to thousands of applications for your Mac.

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